9 Strategic Steps to Effectively Promote Your Real Estate Listing

effectively promote your real estate listing

With a quick search, one can easily understand small and effective strategies or techniques followed by successful brokers. Below, we have highlighted some of the most common and useful methods, and present them to you for your benefit and convenience.

Tools & Services

Take advantage of technology and turn it into your valuable partner. On the internet you can find a variety of tools and services, through which you can improve your digital appearance, such as programs for photo editing (virtual tours and 360ᵒ camera), reminding and viewing booked appointments, organizing your mail, daily tasks, time management, etc.

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Edit the photos of your real estate, like a professional, following very short and small steps. First, take a few seconds to correct the scene you are about to photograph. Opened closet doors, clothes that are in bed due to moving, full waste bins, and household items such as detergent packages in conspicuous places and scattered, scraped beds, etc., have no place in the professional, polished photography you want to use to promote a property.

In addition, take care of the lighting. Brighten areas that need more, and lower your blinds in places where the light overexposes the image. If you are dealing in a property where the night lighting is of particular interest, visit it in the evening to take even more attractive photos. Moreover, focus your interest on the quality of the photos. Shaken photos, low resolution, or ‘rough’ photos will definitely not win over a customer with their first impression.

If even after the above corrections your photos still do not meet high expectations, download an editor to your computer or mobile phone and play with the filters and features it provides. A photo must meet high standards for 2 main reasons: they are the first contact of a prospective customer with the specific property you are promoting, and the second reason is an increased conversion rate. The conversion rate corresponds to the percentage of visitors who respond to the execution of the intended action, ie. the digital visit of the interested party to this property. A high conversion rate reduces the cost of acquiring the customer. This actually means that while a low resolution, shaky or unattractive image can ultimately cost you 2 euros, a photo with the right resolution, a nice presentation of its content, and the right lighting can end up costing just 0.02 cents.

9 strategic steps to effectively promote your real estate listing

Social Media.

Take full advantage of all the possibilities that social media gives you. They are easy to use and do not require special knowledge or skills to learn. Upload photos of your property accompanied by a brief and representative description of them, display your name, share everything with interested parties, and create a digital network of potential customers.

Attract even more interest by sharing small ‘secrets’ of the real estate market through your posts, and publish them to as large an audience as possible– after all, no one ever knows where the next client may be. A small but important detail is to have continuity and a formality in your posts. It is possible that the demands of everyday life do not leave much time for such an action, but establish a point in the day that will be the most relaxing for you, and set it aside for the purpose of dealing with your professional internet profile on social media.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn take up a lot of time in the daily lives of many, so take advantage of it and boost the popularity of your brand.

9 strategic steps to effectively promote your real estate

Video και Youtube

Create a Youtube channel and update it frequently with video. You can even shoot videos with your mobile phone camera. For best results, download an application to your mobile or PC and edit them. Then, ‘share’ them with other users and promote them on the above social media profiles. You may find some computer skills useful here, but you can find several free internet applications that are easy to use. Before deciding which app to use, read the comments and ratings from previous users, and select or reject it accordingly.


Improve your professional profile through presentations. If a customer asks you to view photos from a property, create a nice presentation through power-point programs like Canva, and send it that way. Accompany each photo with a bit of comprehensive text describing it, and edit their structure through the options you are given. It definitely takes a little time –or a lot at first– compared to some scattered, sporadically sent photos, but it upgrades your professional profile effectively.

Lists and mail

Gather the emails of your clients and acquaintances, and send them real estate presentations, videos or even news about the real estate market. In this way, you show to both existing and prospective clients your essential engagement with the market, and at the same time promote your real estate. Regarding your customers, maintain a typical follow back. In other words, after you send them a presentation of a property, after a few days either send them a reminder email or call them on the phone. Even within the wide circle of your acquaintances, regardless if they do not need your services themselves, they are kept reminded of your business activity for any future use, and you indirectly urge them to promote your brand to anyone they know who is in need of real estate services.

Customer behavior

Treat each customer as unique, whether it is a multi-thousand euro purchase or a small rental. Listen to them carefully, listen to their needs, advise them, and respond to their concerns and queries. Every collaboration or contact with the customer must end with them being satisfied, as that is what your word-of-mouth advertising is reliant upon. Even if the first contact does not lead to a complete agreement, it is very important that they have left your office satisfied.

When a customer requests a 3 bedroom property in a specific area, talk to them about that area, even if you do not have a property in it. Develop some cooperation with other brokers and your colleagues and try to find a solution for the client. Obviously, a tip for a better solution, based on his needs, is always welcome, but any tip should be received from your pleasant disposition towards better customer service, and not solely based on what you have available on your list.

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promote your real estate listing

Focus on one area

Focus on one area and learn everything about it– study it. Find out its neighborhoods, what shops it has, matters on schooling and everything surrounding them, its advantages or disadvantages, the prices, the available properties, etc., and develop contacts with its people. This way it meets the customer’s needs and yours at the same time. On the one hand, your useful advice makes sure the customer is met with everything they could hope to know about this area and whether a property there is worth an investment for them, and on the other hand, you save time and money, avoiding unnecessary travel, minimizing response time, and keeping your appointments better organized and more formal in all matters.

Organize your business in an efficient and easy way

Choose the professional and easy-to-use platform of Realtor.com.cy (https://realtor.com.cy/ and https://realtor.com.cy/why-to-register) for the effective registration and promotion of your list of properties. Use all the tools and possibilities it gives you, such as your listing in quality business directories (https://realtor.com.cy/business-directory), the service of the agent to agent cooperation known as ‘Buyer Match’ (https: // realtor .com.cy / buyer-match), the property valuation service through AVM (Automatic Valuation System, https://realtor.com.cy/avm), and the reports and statistics provided through specific algorithms built by the team for this very purpose, as well as other invaluable services.

All of the above tips are suggestions from which you can pick-and-choose, and follow whichever is best suited to you. You can use them in combination or adapt them to you and your business’ needs. The road to success requires daily effort, indeed, but technology offers an abundance of tools nowadays. Take advantage of it!

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