Best Flowers for Housewarming Gifts

A new home is a new start, a new beginning. The new house is usually empty and a blank space. Flowers make a home a welcoming place and bring freshness and joy with them. They also bring positivity and sometimes eliminate air-borne pollutants too. Flower bouquets thus are the obvious and perfect gifts for housewarming. Given below are our picks of the top 7 flowers as best housewarming gifts.

1. Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria are beautiful flowers native to South America. These are also called ‘Peruvian Lilies’ and ‘Lily of the Incas’ as they resemble miniature lilies. Alstroemeria is an excellent choice as flowers for housewarming gifts due to their unique look and longevity. These flowers come in different colors like pink, red, yellow, orange, purple, and apricot. They have numerous blooms in a single stem which make for a lush and well-formed arrangement. Alstroemeria brightens the new homes and fills them beautifully. You can choose them in any color but purple looks especially good in a bouquet.

2. Tulips

Tulips are beautiful and much-admired flowers and even popular in paintings too. Originally, they were cultivated in Africa, Asia, and Europe, especially the Netherlands. Tulips come in several different colors including bright red, white, yellow, dark purple, and pink. These flowers represent the arrival of spring and signify to the host that a new spring has arrived in the form of a new house and that their life is filled symbolically with different colors. You can also gift a bouquet of yellow tulips which represents that the new house for the host will be sunny and warm and represent growth and happiness.

3. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are beautiful summer flowers of east Asian origin. These have a beautiful cluster shape with numerous petals packed together like a globe. Hydrangeas come in several colors like pink, white, purple, and blue among others. A gift of different hydrangea blooms in a flower bouquet brightens the environment and perks up the surroundings and is an excellent choice as a housewarming gift. You can also gift pink and purple hydrangeas separately which denote appreciation and achievement to the proud house owner.

4. Roses

You can never go wrong with roses. They are the universal symbol for good wishes, love, and praise. Red roses are versatile flowers for gift due to their amazing color and sweet fragrance. You can also substitute red roses with yellow or peach roses as they symbolize appreciation and achievement and congratulating the proud homeowner. You can also gift a forever rose in a box or glass dome. These are preserved highest quality natural roses that can last up to 3 years with proper maintenance. These are ideal housewarming flower gifts as they will last for a long time and not get discarded soon. Buy  eternity rose

5. Green buttons

Green buttons are Chrysanthemums of the green variety. They are also called button mums and Pompons. They have round-shaped flowers with beautiful small petals which encircle and cover the central disc making it invisible. With their distinct globe-like shape and green color which signifies abundance and a new start, they are the perfect flowers as housewarming gifts.

6. Lilies

Lilies are brightly colored flowers with an amazing fragrance. They are also called May birth flowers. Lilies look magnificent and project a classy and majestic image. Lilies are a preferred choice as a flower for gifts during housewarming celebrations. They signify cheerfulness and happiness when congratulating someone on their new home. Gift them in a mother of pearl vase which will make your gift a center of attraction.