Fun Jobs/No Stress That Pay Well

Low-Stress and Fun Jobs That Pay Well

A 2016 study by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health revealed that forty-four % of adults said their current job affected their general health – and only twenty-eight % expressed that effect as a good one.
Jobs that pay between $60,000 and $90,000 and evoke minimal stress include dietician, audiologist, technical writer, geographer, and hydrologist.
With competitive salaries above $100,000, enjoyable careers include political, physicist, orthodontist, astronomer, and mathematician scientist.
Not everyone thrives under pressure, but sometimes high-stress careers reap probably the biggest rewards. Fortunately, though, that does not usually have to be real – which might be much better for you and the organization that you work for.

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1. Audiologist
Average Annual Salary: $77,420

To become an audiologist, you have to research for a doctorate and obtain a license to practice. But once you do, you are in for a rewarding and challenging profession without any unnecessary stress. Audiologists diagnose patients’ hearing-related problems and fit them with hearing aids. They may also help conduct research in the industry.

2. Art Director
Average Annual Salary: $101,990

Not everybody has the eye for art, but you are in luck in case you do. An art director’s job does not occur in a museum but behind the scenes in creative industries like advertising, magazine publishing, and TV production. They make sure everything’s appealing to the eye – and sometimes they make a six-figure salary for it. You either need a bachelor’s degree or perhaps impeccable taste.

3. Dental Hygienist
Average Annual Salary: $72,720

If you have ever been to the dentist, you know what a hygienist’s job entails. They clean your teeth and do the first round of examinations to find out if you are experiencing any oral disease. You need an associate degree to have in this role, so switching careers would not be too much of an undertaking. Additionally, according to research by Vista College, the field has a reputation for offering a good work-life balance, which means you will have much more time to concentrate on personal affairs.

4. Geologist
Average Annual Salary: $106,900

Despite what you might’ve learned in high school science classes, a geologist does much more than look at rocks all day long. They also examine and predict the earth’s movement, studying its effects – earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, and floods included. The quantity of time spent in the field exploring will prove this’s a fun job that pays well.

5. Food Technologist
Average Annual Salary: $75,750

It is all about flavor for food technologists. They research and analyze everything we eat and figure out ways to taste last and better longer in storage space. They are also responsible for ensuring that products pass the sanitation requirements set by the government and maintain their nutritional content. These requirements might seem stressful, but food technologists work within a calm, pleasant lab setting, making it a difficult but relaxed role.

6. Librarian
Average Annual Salary: $59,870

Think it over – a library is a peaceful spot for folks to read, research and study. This means a librarian’s work environment is actually relaxing and calm. The responsibilities of a librarian are actually soothing, too – cataloging books, checking them in and out, and occasionally helping folks find a certain title are actually enjoyable activities.

Additionally, you do not have to work in a high-traffic school or perhaps a public library – government offices, businesses, museums, and healthcare facilities have libraries that need someone in charge, also. Here are job reviews from librarians themselves for more info.

7. Technical Writer
Average Annual Salary: $75,682

All of the stress that will come with being a writer – namely, coming up with original, entertaining ideas – is actually nonexistent in the world of technical writing. Instead, technical writers have a product that requires an instruction manual or perhaps another corresponding piece of literature. It is up to them to write about just how it works in probably the simplest of terms. You may need a bit of expertise in the field based on the complexity of the product or perhaps the service you are describing.

8. Biostatistician
Average Annual Salary: $115,900

Crunching numbers on your own? There is nothing less stressful than that. It is as much as a biostatistician to use these figures to analyze and better understand the outcomes of biological research or perhaps any other natural processes.

9. Optometrist
Average Annual Salary: $117,580

To be a doctor of optometry, you will have to return to school and earn state-level licensure, but the result is actually well worth the while. Optometrists diagnose and treat all issues about the eye, and those in the field experience little stress in doing so. The medical field might seem like an inherently stressful space, but as soon as you go through your intensive eye-related training, you will feel confident and calm in the experience of yours.

10. Radiologic Technologist
Average Annual Salary: $59,260

In a similar vein, working as a radiologic technologist is actually a relatively low-stress option in healthcare. You need an associate’s degree and an ability to chat and comfort patients as they undergo CAT or X-rays scans. Even though there are actually plenty of these to do in a hospital environment, you will find that getting into a regular, even in case it is job-related, can diffuse a great deal of your stress.

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