Some Facts about Belt buckles

Some Facts about Belt buckles

Belt buckles are special items. They aren’t quite what involves mind once you consider jewelry, but neither are they simple accessories. Buckles are a singular thanks to express your style and accent your look, and they’re also a one-of-a-kind heirloom piece to pass down through the generations.

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We are proud to hold a good array of old-world crafted belt buckles, starting from traditional Western styles to understated Americana to specific sporting motifs.

When considering the metals during a buckle, we encourage that specialize in color, tone, and general appearance. the reality is, buckle makers don’t use certain metals over others for his or her price or perceived status. Why use 18k gold with a alloy backing when 14k looks even as good therein setting?

Gold comes in numerous beautiful, natural shades—rose, yellow, green—that it can express a fantastic sort of moods and designs . Similarly, if you’re into an understated, Americana kind of style, a number of our distressed alloy buckles may convey that look more to your liking than any others.

The effect created by the metals is that the thing to think about .

Every buckle needs a belt. Buckles of this quality look good with virtually any belt strap, but it’s not a nasty idea to possess several straps in your quiver. First, the strap’s color, skin, and width all affect the buckle’s tone and appearance . for instance , a matte black gator belt can accentuate a alloy buckle’s polished shine through contrast, while an upscale brown calfskin strap may complement distressed gold’s similar color palette. we’ve over 1,100 straps available , so there’s no shortage of options for style pairings.

There are some factors to think about which can help narrow down your search. Most belt straps are available one among two widths: 1.25” or 1.5” for men, and 2.5” or 3” for ladies . Many of our buckles are made to suit either size, but some are specifically designed for one or the opposite . Each buckle’s description should indicate the strap width it’s made to accommodate, but don’t hesitate to urge in-tuned if you’ve got any questions. For the buckles that fit either width, as noted above, the strap’s width certainly contributes to the general mood. there’s no strict rule for this obviously, but understated buckles generally work well with narrower straps, and more prominent buckles typically accompany larger straps.

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