Washroom Care Products and Solutions

What You can Expect from a Washroom Care

Regardless of the environment, washrooms are a highly used area and will be maintained daily to very high standards. Washroom should be stocked Hygiene products needed like soap, paper products, sanitizers, etc.

In general, people tend to gauge the Cleaning and Hygiene Standard by what they see when using your washroom areas. it’s very hard to form an honest second impression if they’re unhappy with what they see the first time around. Therefore cleaning & maintenance regime should include regular checks of those areas and a monitoring system to verify these checks are happening which standards are being managed and maintained.

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Daily washroom maintenance cleaning procedures don’t always remove the build-up of bacterial growth and water deposits. Regular deep cleaning ensures a healthy environment for both employees and clients and helps eliminate odor problems, as cleaning is achieved in areas not normally accessible.

WHC offers Cleaning & Maintenance Services to fit your budget and cleaning requirements. Whether your washroom needs a 1 off deep clean or a daily cleaning and preventive maintenance program, you’ll be assured that our fully trained, the expert cleaning team will leave your washroom highly sanitized, together with your appliances thoroughly cleansed and hygiene supplies replenished.

What you’ll expect from our Washroom Care Solutions:
Drain Cleaning Solution
At WHC we take the responsibility of cleaning drain lines for washrooms, cafeterias, or near the sink; some accumulated salt, dirt, waste, FOG, and bacteria within the drain lines will cause bad odor or blockages.

Automatic seat Cover
It operates on a singular computerized mechanism, which automatically supplies a replacement and clean plastic to protect the restroom seat whenever someone wishes to use the restroom. whenever the rest room seat is employed, a fresh plastic covering gets unrolled, keeping the surface sanitized, clean and safe to use. The plastic seat cover is biodegradable.

Good Washroom Practices Posters
It is our etiquette that distinguishes us and helps us to face aside from the gang and leave an everlasting impression. it’s essential for a private to behave in a socially responsible thanks to maintaining an area in society. We are postponed by messy, smelly restrooms, toilets, or urinals. Washrooms can’t be germ-ridden places if enough care isn’t taken to adopt good practices by users. Sometimes there are cultural differences instead of an-social behavior which is liable for misuse of washroom facilities.

Insect pest control

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