Wedding Dress Shopping Ideas

Wedding Dress Shopping Ideas

Some of the foremost popular features on the Coco Wedding Venues blog are the recommendation pieces; we’re proud to be ready to offer recommendations on various aspects of your wedding, from the venue search (obvs), to planning schedules through to tips for creating the right wedding breakfast – yep, we’ve got it covered!

But today, I’m so pleased to be adding an entire dose of pretty and practical advice for those of you close to start the marriage dress adventure!

This is an enormous moment, huge actually. To confirm you’re armed with these fabulous tips from Laura, co-owner of Perfect Day Bride – a stunning boutique within the chocolate-box Wiltshire town of Bradford on Avon.

TIP # 1

Research your shopping destination…

The temptation is to go to every single bridal shop during a 150-mile radius and check out each and each bridal gown. this is often madness and can earn you the nickname of Muriel.

Instead, you would like to maximize your shopping time by being strategic about where you shop. Would you favor somewhere that does private consultations or are you okay with sharing the workplace with other brides..? does one want somewhere on the brink of your venue in order that it’s easier to gather your dress on the way to your wedding or somewhere on the brink of home in order that you’ll get to fittings around your normal schedule..? Does the shop you’ve got your eye on even stock the type of wedding dresses you wish ..?

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TIP # 2

Do designers matter…?

There was a time when all you’d hear from engaged girls is “I simply must have a Vera Wang wedding dress!” In some circles, this is often probably still true but actually, most brides-to-be realize that none of their guests will have a clue (or provides a damn) who their dress is formed by once they float down the aisle.

That being said, designers do tons to cultivate a reputation then if there’s a specific brand that you’re crazy with, confirm you’re shopping at an area that holds their collection. It seems like a no brainer, but not every bridal gown boutique stocks every single wedding designer.

TIP # 3

Wear the proper undies…

Now is not the time to wear the pants from the rock bottom of your drawer where the elastic has gone on. confirm your underwear is as on the brink of the undies you’ll be wearing on a large day as possible, as this may affect how a dress sits on top. Neon lingerie and black underwear are a nasty idea! Think neutral and, if you’d feel more confident, shape supporting. If you’re not wearing a strapless bra, you would possibly want to require one with you only just in case the dress you fall crazy with needs more invisible support.

TIP # 4

Leave the entourage at home…

We wrote an entire blog post about how the cardinal sin of bridal gown shopping is bringing too many of us along for the ride. Though you would possibly think it’s a stunning outing for all of your bridesmaids, your Mum, and relatives, all which will happen is that you’ll find yourself despondent and, possibly, on the verge of homicide.

We recommend just bringing one – maximum of two – trusted voices with you. Any more and you’ll not be ready to hear yourself think.

Trust us.

TIP # 5

Be upfront about your budget…

For whatever reason, some brides think they need to be cagey about what proportion they have to spend on their bridal gown. Whether this is often a prestigious thing or an eager to try really expensive dresses thing we don’t know, but here are the thing ladies; we will only really assist you if we all know what you would like.

Just as you wouldn’t claim to be a size 8 if you were a size 14, likewise it’s best to not pretend you’ve got a 10k budget if the important figure is closer to £1,000.

It will only cause tears.

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